Saturday, July 10, 2010

Week 19

Good news...on Wednesday I got a call from the principal asking me to come in and meet the 3rd grade chair. With it being last minute ("can you be here in 1 hour") she told me to go ahead and bring little man with me. ISo off we went to Elementary school E. Little man turned on his charm for the ladies. Smiling, batting his eyelashes, and flirting like only Nolen knows how. (Good job little one!) We have one more interview next week and then we should hear an answer (keep those fingers and toes crossed and say a few prayers!!!)

It wasn't until I got home on Wednesday that I realized how bad things could have gone. As soon as we walked through the door we had a poo-plosion. Not just any poo-plosion but the biggest poo-splosion yet!

Definetion Poo-plo·sion [pronounced Poo-plou-shion] verb; : When a babies poopoo preforms a Houdini and magically appears on the outside of the diaper instead of on the inside. Poo-plosions can occur at any time of day. Poo-plosions can result in both Mommy, baby, and anyone/anything within a 5 foot radius becoming covered in poo-poo.

Poo-Poo was everywhere. All over my dress, the boppy, little mans feet, legs, pants, onesie & back. I couldn't help but think, what if this had occured 15 minutes prior. Oh my, we'll just count our blessings on this one.

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