Saturday, September 19, 2009

Week 18

Here we are at week 18. In the news this week... baby bean is now the size of a sweet potato. I had a doctors appointment this week and was able to listen to babies cute, little heartbeat again (155 BPM.) We were also able to schedule the "big" ultrasound for OcToBeR 5th!!! Woohoo, I took the first appointment they had at 9am! Do we have any guesses as to what baby bean is??? I'm feeling boy, but other signs are pointing toward girl?!?
I've also done some thinking this week of things that I'm beginning to miss...
  • wine

  • sushi

  • margaritas

  • brie cheese & blue cheese

  • deli sandwiches

  • sleeping on my stomach & back

  • working out as hard as I can

  • burning hot showers

  • coffee every morning

  • canned tuna

  • advil

  • all my jeans (and now some of my shirts)

On the reverse side there are some things that I'm absolutely loving...

  • my new boobs

  • being pregnant

  • my new boobs

  • having an excuse to buy a new wardrobe

  • my new boobs

  • feeling the healthiest I have in a long time

  • my new boobs

  • feeling little bean wiggle around in there

  • being pregnant in general, what an awesome experience this is!

All in all I LOVE being pregnant, I really feel great. I would happily give up any of the things I'm missing for this experience. It rocks!

Start sending those gender guesses in...I'll be watching :)


  1. Hmmm...I'm going to say boy! :)

    BTW: Your bump is tiny and cute!

  2. Love the little belly. So glad you love the experience. Your right, it's one time in life you are in good Health. Hope the rest of the journey will be as good. Love to baby Astor from grandparents that will love him or her!