Friday, July 27, 2012

The end of an era

The time has finally come.  Pediatricians warned us, his dentist warned us, but we didn't listen.  
We let this boy have his Paci's for entirely too long. 
 There was always a good excuse as to why "now" wasn't a good time.  
"Oh, we've just moved, it would be too much change." 
 "Oh we have a really long flight to Italy, we'll do it after the trip."  
"Oh, definitely when he turns 2!" 
"There's a new baby coming, it would traumatize him." 

Enough with the excuses.  Either he was going to be walking into high school with a duckie hanging out of his mouth, or his teeth would be in braces for 15 years to fix all the damage.  

Now is as good a time as ever.  
We did it!!!  
Cold turkey.  

We packed them up in a box together and said the Paci Fairy was going to come and get them that night.  In place she left lots of goodies!

Night 1: Super rough (on little man and mommy.) Solid hour of crying (screaming,)  yelling "I don't see one, I don't see one," in the most helpless little voice.

It's been a roller coaster of emotions for my once awesome little sleeper.  Sometimes he still goes down crying, other days he goes down happily and wakes up sad looking for paci.  

I've secretly thought a few times, "Oh, I'll just give it back for a bit, what would be the harm..."  but I haven't broken down yet.  I'm staying strong, barely :(

Goodbye Paci's, we'll miss you (like a lot!)

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  1. My daughter had the dog wubbanub up until around 14 months. We went to the doctor for a check up and she said "why does she still have that?" I took it away that afternoon, hoping secretly I'd have to give in and give it back to her. She didn't care...I guess I was the one who was worried I would need it at some point. Glad it went well!!! Megan