Friday, July 27, 2012

Forget everything I just said.

Forget everything I just said below.
I made it 3 days ( that should count for something!). 
Happy babies = Happy Mommy!
Don't judge.


  1. I had an idea earlier...when I was reading your post. Our daughter's pacifer piece broke off her Wubbanub and she just carried the animal around until she got used to the replacement. Could you separate them and then eventually take away the pacifier piece?

    BTW I was a third grade teacher and no kid ever entered our school with a pacifier in their mouth. Don't rush if it if you aren't ready. :)

  2. Oh that sounds like a great idea too! He had been biting through them after a few months. Our mistake was sewing on a new paci. I think this time we'll let him bite through and then just go with "Uh-oh, it's broken!" Whew, these things are tough!

  3. We're having the exact same issue. Exact. I tried disappearing the blue pony before baby sister was born. Same result as yours. Ugh. I'm thinking of doing what Our Pinteresting Family suggested -- cutting the paci off and letting Shelby keep the pony part. It's still going to make her really sad, but at some point (relatively soon), we're going to have to bite the bullet. We already have the rule that she can only have the pony in her mouth if she's sleeping. Next step, paci freedom. I hope.

  4. My oldest daughter was my binky baby! She had to have one in each hand and one or two in her mouth. She'd stroke her cheeks with the binkies in her hands, too. And so we decided to try the Build-A-Bear thing. We took her to Build-A-Bear and she put her beloved binky in the bear that she chose. I think we had ONE hard time the day after we had done it and then she was fine from there on out. She hardly even played with the Binky Bear (as we named it) though she does still have it.

    I like the other suggestions of cutting the binky off the lovey! Sometimes it takes time to build them up to letting go of the bink. I talked about the Build-A-Bear thing for weeks before we actually did it so she understood really well.

  5. C had one pacifier left (he has been chewing holes in them) and I warned him again and again and again that this was his very last one. No more. Nada. If he chewed it, that was it. Well...of course he chewed a hole in it and after one nap time of listening to him crying for two hours about how his "sucky is broken" we went to the store and picked out a few more. I love nap time as much as he does and am not ready to fight this battle. I think when he's ready (and actually understands) we will mail them to Santa for an extra special Christmas present!