Thursday, May 24, 2012

Week 37

How far along:
37 weeks
How big is baby: 
The size of a winter melon, about 20" long and 6.5 pounds

Total weight gain: 

16 pounds.  At my last appointment my doctor mentioned that she hardly ever looks at patients weight charts.  She happened to glance at mine, noticing that I had lost a pound from the previous week, and that I had only gained 16 pounds total.  She looked me straight in the eye and said, "I just have to ask, are you eating?"  Ha, oh yes, I am eating, a lot.  She then went on to ask how much I gained with Nolen, and then said that is just what my body needs for pregnancies. 
Maternity clothes:

Skummy pants, dresses, more skummy pants. 
Stretch marks: 
None. Fingers crossed I get away without any the second time around as well.
Belly button: 

My turkey timer has's been out for weeks.


I have been having CRAZY pregnancy dreams, like every night.  So in between waking up to pee, and waking up with Nolen, and trying to get comfortable, I have been having these crazy dreams.  Don't know about you, but when I dream at night I wake up feeling tired, like I didn't sleep. 
Best moment of the week: 
The countdown is on with this school year, 10 days left, Almost to single digits!

Food cravings: 
Frozen coke, Yum!

Food aversions: 
Seafood & steaks.
Lots of Braxton Hicks, getting stronger and more frequent. 
Still only a fingertip dilated, but now 60% effaced.


Loves hanging out on my right side.  Several times a day he'll give a good stretch, pushing his back and butt out the front of me as far as he can.  His little foot (I think it's a foot) loves to try and escape out of my right side as well. 
Little Man!

What I’m looking forward to: 
School being over so I can enjoy some time with Nolen, 2 years later it's never gotten easier leaving him to go to work each day. I may or may not still cry sometimes as I leave for work...maybe hormones, maybe Mommy guilt :(  I am SO looking forward to being home with my little men for a few months!
What I’m nervous about: 
Being overwhelmed with 2 kids, forgetting how to take care of a newborn. I'm also really nervous how Nolen will handle everything.  He's still a baby himself.  
What I miss: 

Next appointment:

May 29th @ 3:00, only 1 left after that!

My weekly appointments haven't been showing much progress, which is okay with me.  I think my babies like to stay put for awhile. (Nolen had to be evicted 5 days after my due date.)  My doctor will only let me go a week over, so the latest that Hudson can make his appearance would be June 18th. 

I really hope that I go into labor on my own this time, to avoid being induced.  I dream of a labor story that involves my water breaking and us having to rush to the hospital... a girl can dream right!

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