Thursday, May 3, 2012

Week 33

How Far along? 33 weeks

Maternity clothes? Oh yes, but there's nothing better then my yoga pants aka "skummy pants." As soon as I get home I give Nolen hugs and kisses and then tell him "Mommy needs to go put on her skummy pants." He now points and asks "Mommie skummy pants?" "Yes, yes they are buddy."

Stretch marks? None with Nolen, I'm hoping it stays this way with Hudson (and and future babies I might have.)

Sleep? I flip to the left, I flip to the right, I get up to pee, then flip for another 8 hours untill my alarm goes off at 6:45.

Best moment last week? The pie festival. $10 all you can eat pie, enough said.

Movement? I was at a meeting this week when a co-worker (from across the table) noticed my belly moving. These aren't little cute kicks any more, these are "help me, I'm a 6 pound baby crammed in a small uterus."

Food cravings? Edaname, icees, fruit salad, and waffles.

Gender? Baby boy!

Labor signs? Some Braxton Hicks, some pressure. Doctor said little man feels to be head down.

Belly button in/out? Out and ridiculous looking.

What I miss: Wine, Step aerobics, sleeping, staying up past 8pm.

What I am looking forward to: My baby shower this weekend!!! Can't wait to have all my favorite girls together to celebrate this new little man. Feeling blessed!

I'm realizing that this pregnancy is in the final few weeks, and unlike most people who are just ready to get it over with, I'm wanting to hang on. I'm wanting to soak up each and every bit of this pregnancy. The baby kicks, the preggo belly, the amazing feeling of creating a life! I love being pregnant, and I'll probably only get to do this once more. Anxious to meet this little man, but in no rush for him to come out. I wish I could be pregnant forever (Tim may have other opinions :)

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