Saturday, May 8, 2010

baby smiles

Nolen owns about 5,000 toys. I made sure to research and buy him all the most developmentally appropriate, highly rated, most educational toys available. He was not impressed. That is until last week. I stopped by Target to get a few last minute supplies for our NC trip. I spotted a small Baby Einstein music toy and thought it would be perfect to stick in the diaper bag. Well the boy is in LOVE, with his $5.00 toy. Whatever gets those smiles :)


  1. LOVE the smiles. Thanks for sharing. :0)

  2. oh my gosh... that is so sweet!! I love those little smiles!!! He's such a cutie pie!! Trey has that same little toy... I know those songs by heart!! Is it the one that is white with a little colored handle and you push the button with the colors in the middle. He loved it too... he'd just stare at the lights changing colors so fast, like he was in a trance.

    Happy first Mommies Day!!! I know you are just loving it!!!

  3. First off.....what is that crazy latino soap opera you have on tv in the background, and second....was that a toot I heard?