Sunday, May 30, 2010

Week 13

It's official, the Astor's are moving to Augusta, Georgia! Daddy got a new job (and hopefully mommy will be able to find one too!) It's always bitter sweet to move, but I think it will be a good change for our little family. Our condo has begun to feel like a really tight pair of pants after an all-you-can-eat buffet topped off with an ice cream bar. After getting married and having a baby our "button" has been waiting to burst. In our new Augusta house, we'll finally be able to breath and let it all hang out, literally, lots more space, woohoo!

Between going back to work and packing for our big move this week has been a tad bit insane! (5 school days down, only 8 more to go. I think I can, I think I can.) We've got the whole house (including Nolen) in boxes just waiting for the movers to arrive on June 11th (which also happens to be my last day of school, should be interesting!) The movers were nice enough to give us a SEVEN DAY window of when our things might arrive in Georgia. SEVEN DAYS. Do they not realize that we have a baby. Do they not realize that babies require a lot of gear. Do they not realize that our little man needs his crib so his already crazy sleep patterns don't get even crazier! Ugh, maybe if I flash them a little of my new cleavage we'll get our boxes a few days sooner. Thank you milk factories!

Little man got to meet our good friends Mark and Caroline this week! We've put them in charge of making Nolen a girlfriend or a college roommate. (The daddies managed to turn this conversation completely inappropriate, "So when you have a daughter my son is going to bang her, ;insert 12 year old boy laugh.;) I thought we'd be a little more grown-up by now, maybe next year. We've also come up with a new game called Head-rub. He sits on your shoulders and rubs your head, all while slobbering and laughing. Fun for all!


  1. Good luck on the move and this is too funny, but my little man has all of those same outfits. Gotta love Carter's!