Friday, March 19, 2010

1 month old!

Ok, seriously where are the hidden cameras because Nolen can't possibly be a month old already. Wasn't it just yesterday that we were driving ever-so-slowly home from the hospital? At the same time I feel like Nolen has been in our life forever, I feel like I've known him for a lot longer then a month! These past four weeks have been one big burr. My days just seem to slip away, and I don't feel like anything ever gets accomplished. I mean besides the norm: feeding, diaper, feeding, playing, feeding, nap, repeat. I can never really say "Today I finished________ and then went __________. Instead my brain thinks "Oh what a nice day out, maybe we'll go for a walk around 2, wait does that clock say it's already 6pm? Ok, so maybe we won't go for a walk. Humm, did I eat lunch today? Yes, I had cereal, wait that was breakfast, I don't think I ate lunch today. Shower, I need to take a shower. Oh screw it, it's already 6pm I'll just shower tomorrow."

We've been hard at work trying to get Nolen on some what of a bedtime schedule. It's really just a game of trial and error. We've tried different bed-times (anywhere from 8-10:30.) We've tried giving him a baby cocktail before bed (half formula- half breast milk.) We've tried white noise makers and every sound on his sleep sheep (thanks aunt Kari!) And lastly, we've tried the miracle blanket. It was not such a miracle. It is like a straight jacket for infants, the ultimate swaddling blanket. Sadly for us little man does not like to be swaddled, it cramps his dance style. He'll squeal and grunt as he tries to free himself, usually ending with Mommy feeling bad and helping him out. We really have no idea if any of theses are working. We just take it one day (and night) at a time. Good night (3-4 hours between feedings), bad night (1-2 hours between feedings) good night, bad, night, you get the picture. Regardless of what kind of night we have we always have great mornings. Little bit is quite the snug-bug bug in the am. He loves to nestle his little head under my chin and snuggle away, LOVES IT!

"Hey Zebra, it's St. Patties day. Know where I can get some corned beef and cabbage around here?"

What can I say, my boy loves the cashmere blanket!


  1. Wow - a month already?!!! He is growing so quick!

  2. My son is 4 months old and we're just NOW getting him to go down on his own at night. He's used to just cat napping until we go to bed. Now he's in his crib at night and finally feels comfortable enough to go down on his own.

    As for swaddling.. we could NEVER swaddle our son. He HATED it. From the moment he was born, he would screech every time he was swaddled. The nurses were like, "he needs to be swaddled!!!" I was like, Um.. I don't think so. He was perfectly content until you wrapped him up. Now he's screaming.

  3. SO CUTE! He's starting to get facial expressions and have personality. Loves it

  4. molly will be a month on wednesday and we are also trying to do a sleep schedule and it's not going well. and she HATES to be swaddled as well

  5. How funny! Our children are just the same! She does not like being confined in a swaddle and would rather snuggle her head under my chin.

    Your day sounds just like mine. Time means nothing anymore. lol

    1 month already- it is just crazy how time flys!