Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Week 1!

So I always promised myself that after Little Man arrived I wouldn't become one of those sappy mommy bloggers. You know the kind I mean, "Today my baby cooed and burped, it was the cutest thing ever!" But here I am, about to indulge you in tales of breast feeding, sigh.

I had always heard horror stories of breast feeding. They said it hurts, your milk might not come in, blah blah blah. This might be the case for some, but luckily not us! Nolen has been a boob man since he was 10 minutes old. There has never been a shortage of milk for this little one! As soon as we assume the "feeding" position, those eyes grow wide and he throws that little (big) baby mouth open. We had his first doctors appointment on Monday. We were anxious to see what our little man weighed. He was 7pd 3oz at birth but we knew babies drop weight those first few weeks before packing it back on. Well this little man gained weight, 1/2 pound. The doctor said that mommy must be making heavy cream! Ha, ha, that funny doctor... or so we thought. Yesterday I dragged out the breast pump for the first time so that Daddy and MomMom could share in the feeding fun. The girls quickly pumped 4 oz of that liquid gold. I stuck it in the fridge where it would wait until one of those lovely nightly feedings. We went out for a few hours, when we arrived home I ran to check on his bottle(like it was going to go anywhere?!?) Well anyone who knows breast milk knows that after sitting for a few hours it separates. Watery substance on top, creamy stuff on the bottom. Not mine, not this heavy whipping cream, because that's exactly what it looked like, pure white heavy cream. Oh my, mommy might need to lay off of the cheesecake and girl scout cookies!

Below is Nolen and his monkey...we'll watch Nolen grow next to his buddy every month!

And here we are one week post partum...still looking slightly pregnant, but a great improvement from last week! At least we're back in our old jeans again, ahhh!


  1. Awesome!!! You look great and I'm glad BFing has been such a great transition for you. Good to hear a positive story!

  2. Megan, he's precious and you look awesome! Can't wait to meet Little Nolan!

  3. My milk came in at 2 days and all was great till the second week started. My nipples cracked, bled, peeled... it sucked. I'm now almost 4 months into it and have had my share of plugged ducts, teething issues, nursing strikes, etc. We're still going. Enjoy all the extra milk while you can... it will slow down around 3mths.

  4. found you on TopBabyBlogs and I had to follow w/ google! Nolan is soooo adorable!! Congrats on your little man! Keep up the amazing breast feeding! That's awesome!

  5. Hey girlie! Glad that BFeeding is going well... Nolen sounds like Trey with the boobs! Bad sign of things to come when they're teenagers. lol I wanted to let you know that I wasn't sore at all at first, but got really sore the 2nd/3rd week. Thankfully it wasn't too bad, but let me know if you experience that at all (especially if he's a hefty sucker!). I have a few tips that worked when I realized the crap from the books I read wasn't gonna cut it! :) love ya!