Sunday, October 25, 2009

Week 23

It's official, I really am pregnant, not just a little pudgy in the mid-section. Well at least this is news to all the strangers out there. That's right, I've started getting stranger comments. You have no idea what a great thing this is until you experience it. You simply want to hug all of these strangers for realizing that your pregnant and not just fat! It's not just one or two comments either, I get them everyday, everywhere I go. People want to touch the belly, ask if it's a boy or a girl, and then tell you all about their horrible labor stories. Thanks people! Now where is my hand sanitizer so I don't catch the swine from your grubby hands on my belly (I mean that in the nicest way possible.)

6 months ago my weekends were filled with nights out on the town, wine, and laughing with friends. Fast forward to today and things are looking a bit different. We still have the occasional night out on the town, laughing with friends part, only minus the wine :( Once pregnant one must find "new" activities to fill the weekend. The tavern (or any other bar) just doesn't seem as much fun minus the "drink in hand." So I've been busy, busy keeping myself busy...
My first new activity is painting picture frames. I've made baby boy frames, Christmas frames, fall frames, baby girl frames, FSU get the point. If you need a frame, I'm your women! Tim came home to my new hobby and asked, "are you going to sell all of these?" No silly, these are all ours, and this is just the beginning, I have 4 more months :)

My next new activity might be a slight case of nesting. Saturday morning I decided that we simply HAD to clear out the guest room and closet. Tim supervised (margarita in hand) as I moved, donated and threw out a closet full of items. The closet that once looked so small now looks so large with only Nolen's tiny clothes hanging. Nolen's room is looking good, the garage on the other hand...we'll be keeping that door closed for awhile.

I'll leave you with a funny story... I was having a conversation with my 4 year old buddy Justin the other day. I asked him if he knew that there was a baby in my belly. Oh the look of terror!! His little jaw dropped and he stared at me in disgust. "You ate the baby????!!!!???" Ha, he then proceeded to tell me that in order to get that baby back out I was going to have to sneeze really hard. I'm trusting you on this one Justin! Come February 17th I'll be ready for the sneeze of a lifetime!
(As I typed todays blog Nolen was busy breakdancing in my belly, the WHOLE time, loves it!! )

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  1. Love the new project, Megan. The frames will be cute anywhere and a great gift. Can't believe your closet is now clear for little Nolen. He is a lucky boy!