Monday, October 5, 2009

It's a....

Week 20
Little Man snuggled in his favortie corner.

Little Man's goods :)

Ten Tiny toes...I could just eat them!

Our little man...we're in LOVE!
It's a BOY!!! In case you missed your voice mail, email, text message, FB announcement, and sky banner... IT'S A BOY!!! Little Man was quite hyper again this morning, kicking, and punching. He wasn't shy at all about showing us the goods, he threw those little legs right open. Oh how fun is this...we're going to have a LITTLE MAN!!! Now the next question that usually follows is "Have you thought about names yet?" Yes, we have, and yes we pretty much have it narrowed down to just a few. Will we tell you, NO. Will we give you a hint, No. Will we tell you if you guess it, No. :) There has to be some surprises in February!


  1. Wow, so exciting!!! CONGRATS girl!!!

  2. Congratulations, a little boy! That is so exciting!! :)