Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Week 22

My dream... I was floating down a lazy river chugging beers. Not sipping, but chugging one after the other, tossing my empty cans in the river behind me. The lifeguards on duty just stared at me in amazement of the amount of beer I was consuming. (*side note; it was El Sol beer, how random.*) So anyway, I just keep drinking my way around the river until I start to feel some thumps and kicks in my stomach. OH NO...I'm pregnant, I FORGOT, I'm not suppose to be drinking beer, much less 20 of them! So it's at this point in my dream that I wake up to a real dancing baby in my belly. I guess it was Nolen's way of telling me "wake up you crazy lady, and no you can't have any beer." O'Douls it is for the next 5 months, sigh. Nolen's also been making it a habit of practicing his dance moves early in the morning, and late at night. He seems to really be shaking his stuff around midnight, and 6am. We might have to work on that dancing schedule a little once he makes an appearance.
(Truth be told, he could wake me up anytime, I LOVE feeling him dance!)
On a more fashionable note, do you know how much fun it is buying teeny, tiny little man clothes?!? It rocks, and as a result my wardrobe will be taking the backseat for a few months while I build Nolen's up! Tim has requested that I look for baby clothes that resemble his wardrobe. That would mean the Nolen will be a polo shirt, khaki shorts and rainbow flip flops wearing kind of baby. Cute! The picture above is one of my cute finds of the weekend, his first spider-man shirt. Loves it! Now if we could just find the miniature seven jeans, the look would be complete.

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