Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Good answer

We still have yet to buy Nolen his own Disney ticket.  
The cut-off age is 2, and well 3 is really close to 2 right?!?

It also helps to have him sit in the stroller, and pull the canopy over
as we glide though the ticket gate.
Today we got stopped.

Ticket lady:  Does he have a ticket? 

Me: No, I , uh.... (stumbling like a fool)

Ticket Lady: How old are you? (looking at Nolen)

Nolen: Poopy

Love this boy.

Nolen: +1
Disney: +0

(Those kissy lips are from Cinderella!)


  1. I love your blog! you crack me up!!

  2. well played Little Astor.. well played!