Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Nolen Reed

Mr. Nolen Reed.
You are so, utterly awesome.
You are 3 going on 23.
Much too wise for your age.
Nothing gets by you.

"Nolen, you know you can't have pacis anymore once you turn 3."
"Because thats what the Paci Fairy and God said.  Noe how old are you?"

You LOVE, Love LOVE that little brother of yours.
We still have our moments, but they are getting better everyday!

Here's what you've been up to...

-Cleaning has been replaced with office.  
You love office supplies, paper, pens, tape...anything to do with an office.
At school your teachers went around the room asking what the Easter bunny brought.
Kids rattled off the usual, bunnies, candy, chocolate...
Nolen answers "Office Supplies!!!"

-You are POTTY TRAINED!!! 
Can I get a woot woot!
In sweet little underpants all day, every day.
Rock on little man, Rock on!

-You eat like a bird, but when you do eat you request pancakes, or cheesy eggs.
Yesterday daddy was burning some food.
 As you came downstairs and smelled you said, 
"Mommy are you cooking cheesy eggs?!?"


-You are a nudist. You can be found nude at any given moment.

-You whiz through the Ipad (your ipad) better then Mommy.

-You go around singing sweet little songs from school and saying precious little prayers.
Yesterday as we drove in the rain I heard you say
"Dear God, Please let the rain stop hitting Mommies car when we drive."
The rain stopped minutes later.

You are amazing little man, Ah-mazing.

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