Tuesday, April 23, 2013

10 months old sweet boy!

I feel like a complete mommy failure.  I have missed 2 whole months of baby boy updates.  2 kids & 2.5 jobs have been keeping this mommy on her toes.  Throw in travel, car issues, and stomach bugs....whew, is it June yet?

My sweet, sweet Hudson.  I was just saying the other day that you SO look like a Hudson.  You are all boy, a big sweet chunk of baby boy.  You have such a sweet personality and just bring some much joy to everyone.  Here's what you've been up to (for the past 10years  3 months.)

  • You are vertical.  You pull up on everything, everywhere, all day long.  You use anything as a walker; shopping carts, little chairs, boxes... you don't need much help...just a little something to make you feel sturdy.  You are getting braver by the day letting go for a minute...you will be walking this month, Mommy knows!

  • You eat.  Oh do you eat.  You eat everything we put on your highchair, and then climb onto brothers table and polish off his dinner too.  Your favorites include sweet potatoes, apples, kiwi, frozen blueberries, cheerios, chicken nuggets, beans, spaghetti & meatballs (this is tied for #1 with graham crackers.)  You suck down pouches like they are going out of style.  Love every bit of your little baby buddha belly.

  • Still nursing, can't believe we'll be stopping in 2 short months.  I remember it being really hard for me when I weaned Nolen, but that was quickly made better when I realized I could have more then 1 glass of wine and margaritas :)  Still it makes me really sad to think about, thats our little cuddle time.  I'm going to soak up these next few months!

  • You're growing up WAY to quickly.  Totally not into baby toys, you'd much rather grab brothers trucks and play with all his toys (that's a whole other story!)

  • You are wearing size 12-18 clothes, weighing in at 22 pounds. Solid.

  • You can say Momma, bro-der, baba,  and MomMom...still working on Dada.

  • Still not sleeping.  You have one good stretch at the beginning of the night (7-1am ish) but then start waking every hour or 2.   I dream of a night that I get to sleep 4 consecutive hours of sleep.

  • You smile, that sweet dimply smile, and laugh that little Buddha belly laugh.  Melts my mommy heart.

  • Mommy has barely begun planning your 1st birthday...you are going to LOVE you some cake!

  • You just started swim lessons.  I forgot how tough these first few ones are.  You cry and sceram and look so helpless.  Hopoing next week is better.

Oh Hudson Grand-ma....we love you!

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