Saturday, December 22, 2012

On and on and on and...

We are headed to North Carolina for the holidays. 
 We decided that it would be easier with all of or gear to drive vs flying.
 I think we may have been drinking when we made that decision. 
 Here I sit on hour #7 of this drive. 
Poor Nolen is a snotty sick mess, Hudson just wants to be free, and mommy has to pee.

We have watched 126 episodes of Caillou and I managed to breast feed the baby while still strapped in his carseat 
(don't ask, it involved hovering over a carseat while giving the truck drivers a peep show.) 
 I'm already purchasing our plane tickets for next year!
This drive just goes on and on... 
Or as Nolen would say, "it goes off and off and off..."

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