Sunday, December 2, 2012


I am slowly becoming a self proclaimed
extreme couponer.

A friend showed me how it all works,
and it's becoming like a game.
A game that will come in handy with 2 growing boys.

This week there was a particularly good deal on Gas-X.
Knowing that Mr.A can get a little gassy,
I asked him if it was something he might be able to use.
It was.

Fast forward to the checkout.
I'm putting my groceries on the belt,
undigging the Gas-X that I had buried
insuring no one would see it in my cart.
(you know you all do this.)

M: Oh, isn't that suppose to be buy-one get-one?
S: Let's see. Let me grab the GAS-X out of your bag.
 No, you got the 10 count GAS-X,
It's the 18 count GAS-X thats on sale.
And your coupon is for the 14 count GAS-X.

That word must have been screamed 42 times in 5 minutes.
Last time I offer to buy that one.


  1. I probably would've hid under the counter.
    This is the exact reason that I won't buy things such a condoms... yeah, I am way too easily embarrassed. I JUST got used to buying tampons for myself, hahaha.

    PS. Found you on the followers to friends blog hop :)

  2. Just found your blog through Sweet Pea Sylvie's blog hop, i'm a new follower :)