Saturday, December 1, 2012

5 months

Oh sweet Hudson,
you just keep getting sweeter.

5 months old.
size 6-12 month clothes
pushing 20 pounds
growing some hair
and you just got your first tooth (12/1/12)
your officially ready for steak.

Mommy went back to work (SO mean.)

You are officially in your crib (please hold your applause.)
Waking up anywhere from every 1 hour, to every 4.
(Secretly I don't mind because that means a few more snuggles.)

Your silly nickname Hudson "Grandma"
is getting more permanent by the day.

Your rolling all over the place.
Scooting backwards when you're trying to go forward.
Dont' worry little buddy, you'll figure it out.

Eating like a champ.
Solids 2 x a day.

Just like your brother you turn on the charm everywhere we go.
Chubby thighs, huge dimples, and eyes that smile.

Oh my heart could just explode.

Here's a side by side of brother...

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