Friday, October 19, 2012

Terrible two's

We are officially in full swing of the terrible two's.  
Naive me thought that since they didn't occur the day he turned two, 
that we had somehow magically avoided them. 
Terribly wrong.
 They're here, oh are they here.

Add a few more fun things into the mix: 
-New baby brother
-First time in school
-Potty training

These are the days that I'm glad they make BIG bottles of wine.

We have about 20 tantrums a day.
I'm talking thrown on the floor of Pottery Barn Kids, 
kicking and screaming, tantrums.

Everything is an argument.
M: "Look Nolen an airplane."
N: "No a helicopter."
M: "No buddy that's an airplane, see  the wings..."

N: "Oh it is heat outside."
M: "You mean it's hot outside"

And then there's potty training...

(After the pacifier debacle I wasn't even going to attempt it until he was 12.)
Fortunately (or unfortunately) Nolen took the lead on this one.
He was asking to use the potty so I figured we better go with it.
He's honestly rockin' the potty,
 but there are those times...
Ohhh those times.

Mommy is taking lots of deep breaths these days.
Nolen also throws just enough cuteness in throughout the day so that we don't kill him.  
Toddlers are smart like that.

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