Friday, October 19, 2012

4 months old, whew!

It seems like I was JUST writing your 3 month post.
Probably because I did just write it, last week :-/

Happy 4 month birthday sweet boy.
You are Oh-So-Sweet.

Your smiling more and more.
Laughing sweet belly laughs.

You ran out of diapers this weekend, but it was fine...
you easily fit into big brothers diapers.

Mommy terribly miscalculated your wardrobe.
Silly me bought you size 12 month Christmas jammies,
instead we're rocking them before Halloween so we don't outgrow them.
(Someone please tell me Hannah Anderson runs small, and that my little man isn't THAT BIG!)

Mommy and Daddy left you and brother alone for the first time.
We headed to Amelia to celebrates Daddy's 30th birthday.
Lots of drinks, and some late night fried chicken,
Oy, we're officially too old for that!

I keep trying to put you in your crib.
You keep ending up back next to me :)

You've also just had food for the first time.
Couldn't shovel that rice cereal in fast enough.
I think you're going to be a sumo wrestler.

Loving every ounce of you little man!

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