Saturday, September 22, 2012

Massage Fail

For mothers day Tim was winning.
He got my mom and I a spa day.
Massage, manicure, pedicure, the whole shabam.
I decided to tuck it away until I was no longer pregnant,
a massage better enjoyed when I was not with child.

Today was our appointment and ironically I was with child.
Hudson was along for the ride.
He sat though a pedicure a few weeks ago so maybe he'd be okay.
He is a superstar baby after all.

Massages were first.  
A young lad (how old do I sound) took me back.
I apologized for having to bring the baby but assured him he would be no trouble.
Massage started, Hudson wide awake.
Trying my best to ignore his baby coos & little cries.
Little cries turn to medium cries.
"Would you mind just sticking that paci in his mouth?"

(This is where his tip goes from $20 to $40)
He continues to massage, at times with one hand, 
as his other hand is holding a paci in.

Medium cries turn to big cries.
(This kid NEVER cries..why now, WHY now)
We try to move him in front of me. 
Close enough to hold his baby hand and let him know I'm there.
Massage over (20 minutes in.)

It really was an amazing 20 minutes, 
just wish it could have continued for another 40.

Life lesson #428:  Babies and massages don't mix.

On a more positive note, Hudson sat like a rockstar through the rest of the day.
Manicure, Pedicure....superstar baby!

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