Saturday, September 22, 2012


With my Etsy shop going strong 
we have become quite familiar with the post office.
So much so, that Nolen has a girlfriend there.

She may be a 60 year old postal worker,
but a girlfriend non-the-less.

She's sweet with him, melts my mommy heart.
She'll stop her line of 100 customers when she spots him,
just to say hi.

A few weeks ago she told us that it was her last week,
she had been transferred to another post office :(

Fast forward to this week...

As we are walking into the post office Nolen yells
"Look, my girlfriends car!"
Into the post office we go and who is there...
his girlfriend (just filling in for the day.)

Boy were they both happy to see each other!

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  1. awe, your blog cracks me up!! I have a shop on etsy as well and we're at the post office all the time! congrats on the busy busy business!