Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Week 22 or maybe 23...

Oh dear lord, not only am I seriously lacking in the belly shots this pregnancy, I don't even know what flipping week I'm on. I should be on week 22, but at the last ultrasound I was measuring a week ahead, so that would make me 23. Let's just play it safe and call this week 22.5.

How Far Along: 22. 5 weeks
How Big is Baby: Little man Hudson is the size of a banana, 11" long (although this is what he is suppose to be, he seems to be measuring larger then your average baby)
Weight Gain:At my 20 week appointment I was up 12 pounds, 137, oy!
Maternity clothes:Mostly in maternity, tried to rock jeans & bella band this week but it didn't go so well. Hudson is living low, low, low. Mama needs elastic waist pants, or better yet no pants at all. Dresses are my friend.
Exercise: Still keeping up with Step aerobics, crazy I know. I plan on keeping up with it as long as I can find workout clothes that fit.
Best Moment this week: Daddy finally got to feel him from the outside. Nolens' been feeling him for weeks. Every time he sits on my lap Hudson starts kicking away on his little tushy. I told Nolen that was his brother and he replied, "No, sister."
Food Cravings: Blueberry bagels with veggie cream cheese, watermelon, frozen lemonade & hot sauce (in no particular order.)
Movement: He is a dancing machine just like his brother, loves dancing in the wee hours
Gender: Boy, although Nolen may beg to differ!

Labor Signs: Besides the fact that he lives so low and feels as though he may just fall out...I've been having some braxton hicks here and there. Nothing too noteworthy at this point.
Belly Button:I'm embarrassed to say it's been out for weeks (10 weeks to be exact.) Nolen likes to push it and say "Ding Dong Hudd-sen."
What I miss: Wine, red red wine, oh sweet wine. Have a bottle waiting for me in June right beside my newest pin on Pinterest, the Beer-garita (it looks fantastic!) I sound like a lush.
What I'm looking forward to:Getting his room together & curtains up. I want to do navy/white horizontal stripe curtains. The problem is that finding the perfect wide stripes (7"or larger) is impossible. I'm looking online, I've looked in stores. No such flippin' luck.
Weekly Wisdom: Do not tell your 'almost' 2 year old that you are going to Disney world tomorrow, he does not know what the word tomorrow means
Milestone: Finally putting up the bomb diggity baby gate at the top of the stairs. I was just a regular old handy mandy, drilling it into the wall, this new gate is so secure (can I get an RRRR,rrrrr, RRRRR!)


  1. Love your bump! I'm so impressed you're (still) working out. Check out Fit Maternity (www.fitmaternity.com) for maternity workout clothes. I wore a bunch of Born Fit stuff with my first pregnancy and loved it. Sadly, it hasn't gotten much use this time around.

  2. It's just an estimation so it's okay! Baby'll come around 40-weeks-ish. You've got the perfect bump!!!