Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Nolen knows something we don't

They say kids have a 6th sense about certain things. I'm wondering if he knows something we don't. Every time you ask him if he's having a little brother he replies, "sister." I don't know kid, the sonogram pictures are pretty convincing. Either your having a brother, or your little sister has a p*nis. While we're on the topic of penises... remember those words that Nolen is having a little trouble with (frog, clock...) Well Saturday we found ourselves in a quaint little boutique. Light music playing in the background, shoppers admiring all the cuteness in the store. Nolen begins yelling (loudly) "CO*K, CO*K, CO*K..." Oh dear lord, at this point people are staring. Then I realize what's going on, he's spotted a large CLOCK hanging on the wall. Trying to talk (yell) as loudly as he had, I proudly announce, "Yes buddy, that is a CLOCK!"

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  1. That's too funny about the clock! When my kids say "direction" let's just say it doesn't sound like it is supposed to...

    My fourth baby we were told we were having our fourth girl but one of my daughters kept saying, "Thank you Jesus for our baby brother. Let him grow strong and healthy" and sure enough... SHE was a HE. But I think it's a lot more convincing when you see a penis than when you see lack of one in a sonogram. We did the 3D sonogram around 30 weeks and that's when we found out we were actually having a boy!