Tuesday, December 6, 2011

13 weeks with #2

Updates on little bean #2...Growing right along, measuring right on track. I can remember when I had the NT Scan with Nolen, he was bouncing off the walls. This little one decided to sleep, not moving once. I had to ask if everything was okay because I wasn't use to such a calm ultrasound. The nurse assured me little bean was just sound asleep. Another difference is my belly. I guess things are all loosened up from last time, because it just all kind of pops back out, immediately.

I've finally been able to get some belly shots for you. Please ignore my beauty, it's been a long few months.

11 Weeks:

13 weeks: (13 weeks with Nolen)

Here's a picture of our little snoozer at 11 weeks. It's looking like mommies inutiton might be right, and Nolen may be having a brother. Although it's still to early to tell for sure, "All babies at nubs at 11 weeks," the doctor insisted. I'm going with boy, or else my daughter has a ding dong. We'll find out December 27th for sure! What are your guesses?

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