Saturday, January 29, 2011

Week 45

Mr. A spent all day Friday baby proofing. Latches on cabinets, locks on drawers, gates on the steps. He had this place looking pretty darn safe! Fast forward to Friday afternoon. Mr. A goes to sit on his recliner with little man. Little man, being the playful boy he is, decided that he wanted down. So feet first he began to slide off the recliner. This is where it gets ugly. Instead of going down, his feet get wedged between the recliner and the foot rest. Mr. A panics and leans back further causing his feet to get trapped even more. Blood curdling screams, trapped baby foot...he finally gets it out and rushes Nolen to the urgent care to make sure nothing is broken. By the time they reach Urgent care Little man is "walking" and smiling at everyone in the waiting room. The nurse said that if he's that happy he's probably not hurt. Back home they went. Next step, baby proof the recliner.

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  1. I adore his red hair! I just love red heads {I married one}.