Monday, January 17, 2011

Week 43

Everyone says that little man looks just like Daddy. I swear if I didn't carry him for 9 (10 months,) people would question if he was really mine. Well he may not have my good looks, but he does appear to have the same shoe fetish as me. This boy has style, he has class, he's got his mommies good taste :) He's got all the bases covered when it comes to shoes: Nike's for running, Van's for skating, New Balance for hanging out, Uggs for those cold days, and reefs for the beach. Whoever said girls are more fun to dress must have never shopped for a little man before.

The final 2 molars have broken through bringing our grand total up to 12 teeth! I won't lie, those last two molars were tough, there were times when you could hear the pain in his little voice. The good news is that this should be it until his 2 year molars (which will probably show up next week.) Besides the teething, this little man is the kind of baby that makes babies seem easy. The kind of baby that makes you say "oh, what's all the fuss about, this is a breeze. In fact this is fun, let's have 6 more!" I mentioned before that he is sleeping through the night (finally after 9 months.) When 6:00 rolls around we get a bath, California Baby rub down, PJ's, milk, and bed. As soon as you lay him down, he grabs his pacifier, rolls onto his belly, and he's out! Same goes for naps, no fussing, no crying, just pacifier, belly, out! When he's awake he's playing, laughing, smiling. I look forward to every morning when I'm greeted with that sweet little 12 toothed smile. Heaven.


  1. Hi Megan! Im following you from ...your little boy is precious and I can totally relate to everyone thinking your son looks like his daddy...I have a sixth month old and that's all I ever get from anyone as well!

  2. I love the look on his face in the third picture! Too cute- like he's up to something and got caught:)