Thursday, September 23, 2010

Week 28

We have a fancy camera. We have the fancy camera lenses. Our photographer (me) is not so fancy. I need some help. I love photographs, I love taking them, I just don't know how. I would love to learn, nothing fancy, just the basics. I would also love to learn how to fix pictures. Make the greens a little greener, the blues a little bluer, make mommies muffin top disappear. I'm thinking for my next present (I plan presents months & years in advance) I might take some beginner photography classes and get the latest addition of Photo-shop. Or maybe I'll just watch the instructional DVD that came with our fancy camera. In the meantime I'm just going to keep taking pictures, lots of pictures. Out of 1,000 we always manage to get a few cute ones.

Little man... he got his first set of wheels this week. A Jeep Liberty. It's a baby walker, a super cute one! We test drove all the cars at the baby store. The mustang made him scream ( I think it was the leather seats,) the Elmo ride didn't move well, but the Jeep was just right. Instant smile. Sold! Our whole downstairs is an open floor plan, with hardwoods, making it the perfect racetrack. He uses both feet (well his whole body actually) racing from room to room. He explores everything in his tracks, the refrigerator, the kitchen table, the basket on the steps, the faux plant on the floor...just about everything. I thought about taking him outside to drive, but I'm afraid he would hit the open road. For now we'll keep the driving indoors. Vroom....


  1. Hello! A couple of tips. I am not sure which "fancy camera" you have but a couple of things will always help...

    1. Learn how to adjust the white balance on your camera.

    2. Learn to shoot without using a flash whenever possible and/or buy a lightscoop to diffuse the crappy on camera flash.

    3. Google "12 weeks to better photos"... it will change your (photo-taking) life!

    4. Learn to use your camera before you try and use photoshop! Alos, buy Photoshop Elements... it's about 1/4 the price or the full PS and it's still more than you will ever need.

    Good luck and if you ever need help editing I would love to help... and I can walk you through my editing steps!

    Nolan gets cuter everyday!

  2. First off, I think you take fabulous photos!! They look great! I dont have a super fancy camera, but would love one. I love taking photos- especially of my kids :)

    Secondly, your little man is ADORABLE!!

  3. Girl, I think you do a fabulous job with your photographs! But, if you want to start taking baby steps towards better photos, just turn off the flash and bring that baby to the window. Nothing like a little natural light to beautifully illuminate the photo!

  4. Thanks for the tips ladies!!! This weekend I'm going to have a weekend full of photos, yippee!!!