Wednesday, September 22, 2010

7 months young!

We're over the half way hump. We're officially closer to a year old then a newborn. You know what that means, time to start planning the party of the century. T-Minus 5 months and counting. (Has anyone ever sent out save the dates for a 1st birthday?!?)

I said it last month, I'm saying it this month, and I'll say it again next month...I can't believe how quickly your growing little man. It's actaully getting a bit ridiculous. Here's what your up to these days...
  • You can SIT! You were so sick of laying all day everyday. Your a new baby now that you can see the world from another angle. You love sitting and look so grown-up!

  • Mommy and Daddy had their first (and last) trip away from you. We left you with MomMom and PopPop while we went to Oklahoma for a long weekend.

  • You take all you naps in your crib now, no more swing. (tear)

  • You wear big-boy PJ's to bed now, instead of a onesie and sleepsack. Let me tell you...a baby in baby Gap Pj's is just delicious, so cute!

  • You've said baba, Mom, hi, and hello!

  • Your favorite toys are a school bus that scoots, your talking Elmo and your spatula.

  • You own your first car. A jeep. You whiz around the house as fast as you can. Forward, backward, and into walls. You get your driving lessons from Mommy.

  • We're going 7 months strong with nursing! In fact, you call it your 'Ba.' When I'm laying you down on your Boppy you get super excited. You start dancing, smiling, and saying "Babababa." (Better then saying "tittytittytitty.")

  • Your becoming a big boy sleeper. You go to bed at 7, wake up once around 1:30 and then your up for the day at 5:00. Rise and Shine everyone!

  • Your squeezing into your 3-6 month clothes, and comfortably wearing 6-12. Your still in size 2 diapees!

  • You love to stand on the second floor and look down the balcony at everyone. We put your hands in the air and say "I'm the biggest baby in the world."

  • Mommy calls you from work everyday during lunch. You "talk" to me while blowing raspberries into the phone, and trying to eat it all at once.

  • You love cups. You love when we fill a cup with water. You start to 'cough' when we do. You "need" a sip of water. (And by sip, I mean you put your lips to the cups rim, and blow a few raspberries.)

  • You can sit in the big boy shopping carts and restraunt highchairs! (With an adorable cover to keep all those grimey germs away oh course!)

  • have 7. We're still waiting on the other bottom, side tooth. Any day now...

  • You not crawling but your preparing. Your learning how to lunge yourself forward, pull your knees in, and scoot with your arms.

  • You went to your first KinderMusic class with MomMom and Daddy. You sang, and danced and had a ball with all the other babies
Oh how we love you little man. Your sweet, smiling face makes getting up at 5:00 so easy (most days.) You just keep getting cuter, and cuter, and...

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  1. Wow - he IS getting so big! Seven teeth?! Sophie is 6 months and has 0. I am looking forward to the whole sitting in the cart like a big kid!