Friday, September 17, 2010

Week 28

We have a sitter. He's been sitting for a few weeks now. A little wobbly at first, but now he's a sitting machine. It's so nice to be able to sit him down and not have to lay him down. Just another one of the many things happening to my baby, or should I say, my little man. sigh.

There's something so heartbreaking about Nolen growing up so fast. It's the one comment you hear over and over again and don't listen too. "Enjoy him, they grow so fast." Whatever you think, I was pregnant for a decade so how fast could this baby possibly grow? Well, fast, super fast, blink your eyes and he's got 8 teeth fast.

I teared up packing up his teeny, tiny newborn clothes. I cried putting away his 0-3 months. I sobbed adding in his 3-6 months. As if clothes weren't enough... he's outgrowing hats, shoes, toys, ugh, even his SWING! He's been a swing napper from day one, but not any more. My big boy is a tummy sleeper and the swing doesn't allow for that. So he's now a crib napping, tummy sleeping, blankie holding little man.

I would say I don't want him to grow for awhile, but I have to admit, the more he grows the more fun he becomes. So I guess I'll stop my complaining and just enjoy the ride. (And maybe I'll just say a little prayer that he grows *a tad bit slower.*)


  1. Gosh he is adorable. I LOVE when you post new photographs of him!

  2. Wow, eight teeth! That's great! Gillian Grace began getting teeth so late (around 9 months) I thought she was never going to have any. Now it seems like she's getting a new one just about every other week. He's adorable! Love his hair color, reminds me of my hubby's baby pics!