Saturday, August 14, 2010

Week 24

Not even 6 months yet and we're on the verge of 6 teeth, SIX! The two bottoms came through at 4 months, next were the top sides. Yes, you read that correctly, not the middle, but the sides. I'm thinking it had something to do with the whole "Twilight" fad during my pregnancy, we had a little vampire baby. Not for long though the two middles seem to be making an appearance.

All these teeth could have something to do with his new toy preferences; a plastic cup, spoons, and a mini spatula. $30 stuffed monkey, no thanks, $25 baby laptop, not for me, $20 rubber Giraffe...I'll take my cup. This might be the perfect Christmas to receive boxes, good ol' empty boxes. Our pacifier holder now sports a spatula on the other end. When we get a strange look we say, "What, you've never seen a baby with a spatula before?"

(Please note the Spatula in hand)

It's just another one of those things that "pre-Nolen" I would have been judging other mommies for doing. "I can't believe she'd let her baby walk around, wearing no clothes, covered in peas, and playing with a spatula." You really have no idea until you have one of your own, these little guys rule the roost. It doesn't faze me in the least to walk around Publix making farting noises just to see him laugh.

Our sleep, *KNOCK ON WOOD*, is getting better and better. I committed myself to only feeding him once a night, only after 1am was he allowed to eat, then again at 7. Sounds harsh, but the doctors insist he doesn't need to be eating a lot at night. So any time he wakes before 1, or after eating, it's all Ferber. He wakes, he stirs, he flips, he falls asleep in 2 minutes. I love you Dr. Ferber!!! The past few nights we've gone to bed at 7, woke up to eat at 3, and then up for the day at 6 (sometimes 5, eek!) I can TOTALLY do this once a night thing!

"I love table swimming."

"I'm trying to run...and I can't even crawl yet!"


  1. Oh wow! I LOVE the spatula! I busted out laughing when I saw that. What a cutie.

  2. I am in love with that red hair! (And isn't it amazing how once we thought that waking up once every night was going to be awful and now it is the most wonderful thing!)

  3. My boy used to carry around this blue tupperware lid. He would take it to the park and even hold it on the swing!

  4. Cute little boy!!! All those milestones are soo fun!!!

    Following you from Bloggy Moms! Would so love a follow and a visit as well! :)

    Mommy Only Has Two Hands!