Sunday, August 22, 2010

6 months old!

Oh how time flies when your having fun. 6 months ago we were sitting silently on the couch waiting for our 8pm appointment at the hospital to be induced. 6 months ago I was thinking "what should I do on my last day without a baby (I went shopping of course.) We were wondering where we should go for our 'last meal' before the craziness began (we went to Seito.) 6 months ago we headed to Celebration hospital and welcomed our sweet little man into the world. Now here we are with a little man who is a whole 1/2 a year young!

Here what you've been up to this month:

  • Teeth, you've grown lots of teeth. 4 tops and 2 bottoms. You look like a baby wearing dentures, so cute!
  • You've been busy adjusting to Mommy going back to work. The first few days were rough, but now your having so much fun with MomMom that you don't even notice I'm gone.
  • You LOVE swimming. Your pool is set up on the back deck, you could literally spend hours in it. If you see if through the window you scream until you get to go in. If we take you out you scream to go back. You LOVE your pool (almost as much as your bath!)
  • Your wearing anywhere from 6- 12 month clothing, size 2 shoes, and size 2 diapers.
  • Your sleep is getting better and better. You usually wake up once around 2, and then again at 5. Your up for the day around 5 or 6, ready to play.
  • You've finally figured out that your jumpers and exersaucers can jump. Up and down, up and down.
  • You eat two meals a day, along with your milk. Fruit for lunch and a veggie for dinner. Green beans are not your friend.
  • Your favorite toys are a spatula, a cup, and a spoon.
  • You love being outdoors, all day, everyday.
  • Your not yet crawling, but you can get to where your going by rolling, and rolling, and rolling...
  • You can almost sit up.
  • Daddy thought it would be funny to teach you how to scream. He thought it was funny until we were sitting down to a nice dinner out. Not so funny.
  • You've tried out a cheerio or two, but can seem to figure out the whole chewing thing yet. Mommy had a heart attack. No more cheerios.
  • Your stats: 15.9 pounds (20th percentile,) 27 in. (71%,) and head circumference: 17.2 in ( 52%)

Any excuse for cake....yumm!

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  1. Oh definately don't do Cheerios! I bet he could do the Gerber Puffs though. They are just like Cheerios, except they melt in their mouth so he won't choke on them. Easton loves them!