Saturday, August 7, 2010

Week 23

Let me just tell you, this pumping is the pits. I pity the women who had to pump for every feeding. It sucks! I think I've finally established my pumping schedule for the school year. I feed little man before school, pump at the beginning of recess, pump at the beginning of specials time, and then rush home to feed little man his afternoon meal. Everyday I drag that darn pump down the hallway to the employee bathroom, sit on my little folding chair and attach the boob suckers.

"WaaaaWoooWaaaaWooo," even the sound drives me nuts. There are always at least 5 people who knock on the door while I'm in there. "I'm pumping," I yell, but I know they assume I'm taking a major, 15 minute long dooty. Oh well. However, like I said before I'm not going to let a silly little thing like work get in the way of our new goal!

All is well in Nolen land. We grew yet another toofers this week, this makes number 3! He's got the 2 bottoms, and the corner of a top one just popped through! (And yes, he has practiced his biting during feeding time, OWWW!)

We've also been practicing his scooting, because he's so close to moving himself! He reaches and stretches, and then lunges himself forward, but somehow manages to move backward instead. You can see it in his eye, he's dying to take off and start exploring this place! Once this one gets going, we're all in for it! He had an awesome first week home with MomMom. They've sang, and danced, and played for hours a day. MomMom even ventured to Starbucks this week. I really don't think that I could be back at work without her help, she's been our lifesaver! Every time I feel my heartbreaking for not being with my little man, I just think of how much fun he is having with his MomMom.


  1. I commend you for continuing to pump! I exclusively pumped for a few weeks and just couldn't keep it up.

    He's getting so big and I love that red hair!

  2. I too am a teacher (though I have much older students!) and was able to pump all last year. I was looking forward to not pumping this school year but my little darling is chugging away so I might be pumping some of this year too.
    I love your attitude!
    Good luck with your new goal.

  3. His eyelashes are so long! Why do the boys always get the beautiful eyelashes!

  4. You are amazing. Simply amazing.

  5. What a beautiful boy! We use the same sippy cups too, lol!

    Found you through Bloggy Moms and am now following! Hope you'll follow back!

    Thank you!