Sunday, December 6, 2009

week 29

Saturday, oh Saturday. We spent the entire day (9-5) at the hospital in childbirth class. Mucus plugs, episiotomys, bloody shows, bowel movements during labor...they covered it ALL, pictures and videos included! Now for those of you who know Tim well, know that he has an extremely weak stomach. I was a little (OK terribly) concerned how he was going to fare with all of these things. It was just as I had expected, his eyes grew wide, his legs began to shake, and he managed to bite all ten fingernails at once. It was a good thing we were learning about labor that day. I was able to make him more comfortable with my Lamaze pillows, teach him some deep breathing relaxing techniques, and offer him supporting words during the extremely difficult times. Folks, I'm more worried about my labor coach then I am labor. Especially since I now think that I want to give natural childbirth a whirl! I don't know that he'll be able to handle all the extra pain. Can the hospital give Tim my epidural?

Natural child birth...yes you heard me right. I absolutely hate the feeling of being numb, even when it's just my mouth at the dentist. I would much rather have the pain. I've heard that your body has it's own "numbing" agents once things really get rolling too! I also like the idea of being mobile during the labor process. I want to be able to move from bed to ball, from ball to chair, and even take a stroll down the hallway if possible. An epidural would stick me in bed the ENTIRE time. But as we learned in class today you always need a plan B. So my plan A is to attempt this all natural. If I get there it hurts like hell, and I realize this was all just crazy talk then bring on the drugs (plan B!)

Nolen news... How do you make a baby dance? You take him to a Trans Siberian Orchestra concert. He liked it so much that he was still dancing 3 hours later at 3am! Poor little guy probably didn't know what was going on out there.

We received both of our January baby shower invites this week!!! I can't believe they're only a month away. I hope our little man knows how much love there already is for him, he's going to be one lucky boy!

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