Sunday, November 29, 2009

Week 28

7 month mark! What a fabulous Thanksgiving week to ring in the 7th month! My family was in town all week for Thanksgiving and what fun we had. We ate, they drank, we laughed, ate some more, shopped till we dropped, putt putted for hours, told inappropriate stories, laughed some more and celebrated Shannon and Johns engagement (wooohooo!!!) Earlier in the week I was feeling under the weather, I think Nolen was too. The first few days that my parents were here he was as quiet as a mouse. I think my family was beginning to think I had made up my breakdancing baby. Well by Wednesday he was making up for lost time. Our little breakdancer was back in action. In fact, on Saturday, he stayed awake from 9am until midnight. Oh Nolen :) He is truly a growing machine these days. My stomach is not only getting bigger by the minute, but is also feeling heavier each day. I guess this is what the third trimester is all about.
Tomorrow morning we have our maternity photos!!! Weather looks great, keep those fingers crossed and those eyes posted for our pictures!

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  1. Cute picture Megan and Tim. So glad you had a fun week with your parents.