Monday, November 9, 2009

Week 25

So how do you like my pictures this week? I took them myself, can you tell?? We should have some better ones for you soon because on Wednesday we're having our maternity photo session! Keep your fingers crossed that Hurricane Ida stays away so that we can get some good shots outside! (What is it with us, bad weather, and professional photographers, jeez!)
I just got back from my monthly doctors appointment and boy does Nolen know how to put on a show. As soon as Dr. Balint lifted my shirt to measure and listen to his heartbeat he started dancing. And by dancing I mean punching me in the the tummy, totally visible from the outside, over and over again! Even Dr. Balint had to laugh, and comment, "My that is a very active little boy!" I seem to be hearing (and feeling) that a lot this pregnancy. Don't worry, we're getting our sleep now in preparation for whats to come! Also at the doctors today... I'm up 15 pounds from the beginning of this pregnancy, yikes! The yikes part is because 5 of those pounds were gained last month, double yikes! Dr. Balint said I'm right on track, I should have gained 25-30 pounds by the end of all of this. 15 weeks to go, 10 pounds left to gain...oh my! Stay tuned for our maternity photos, our photographer does a great little blog that updates her weekly projects.
Also this week... we recieved Nolen's furniture!! The crib had a wrong part so they'll have to deliver that next week. For now we have his dresser/ changing table, his dream glider, and his bassinet. Let's not talk about the house guest who set his drink, sans coaster, on my NEW DRESSER...rrrrrrr. We also got an early shower gift in the mail this week, his car seat and extra base (Thanks Mom-mom & Pop-Pop!!!)


  1. I've been following you since your big ultrasound, and I just had to say that you look great! You are ALL belly! I'm 3 weeks behind you, and I was just wondering if you would share where you got your shirt? It's SO cute! Thanks, and I hope your remaining 15 weeks go smoothly!

  2. You look adorable!!! Boo for the rain...can't wait to see the pictures though!

  3. You are such a cute little prego :) I hope you can do your pics soon, I want to seeee!

    Oh and to answer your question, I just found a website that does cabin rentals, I think it was They have a ton of places, it was a super cute town, you should take a weekend getaway sometime after your little one arrives!

  4. Was this house guest ryan??? I can't wait to see you in a few weeks and see your big belly in person!