Sunday, February 10, 2013

Funny man

Nolen Reed, you are a hoot.

I had no idea 2 year olds could be this entertaining.

You are constantly coming up with things that are years beyond you.

I am slightly terrified to think of what you say when you go to school.
(a church school non-the-less.)

Your favorite song of the moment is Gangham Style.
Cute, until you picked up on the lyrics.
"Mommy you are a sexy lady."
"Mrs. Baker is a sexy lady." (his teacher)

M: Nolen, you can't say sexy, it's not a nice thing for little boys to say.
N: Sexy, sexy, sexy, sexy, sexy...
M: :-/

M: Nolen, do you like your new big boy bed?
N: yes, it's very nice, I like it a little big much.

M: Nolen, can you put your cars away.
N: No mommy, I am very busy right now.

Not to mention your favorite word of the moment.
M:Nolen what do you want for dinner?
N Poop
M: Nolen, who do you want to invite to your birthday party?
N: Poopy 

On a brighter note we are making huge strides.
Nolen is officially in a big boy bed!
He sleeps soundly, and calls for us when he wakes.

We are also almost diaper free.
90% of the day he is in undies!!!

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