Sunday, February 10, 2013

7 months

Oh my sweet Hudson. 7 months young going on 4 years.

You are crawling and quickly. 
Your a man on the move, getting yourself into all kinds of trouble.

You were such an easy going, quiet little guy,
 I think you were just taking notes and saving up energy. 
You are now a little butterball on the go, 
and are getting into everything, I mean everything!

When you wake up from sleep you now pull yourself up to standing and begun laughing. 
This includes 3 am wakings.
One night this week I just let you be, thinking you'd put yourself back to sleep.
You didn't, but you did manage to laugh hysterically from 3-3:40am.

You are in size 12 month clothes.
Size 2 diapers.

No baby toys for this boy, you'd much rather play with big brothers toys.
That is, before he snatches them a way, "NO Hudson."

You have 4 adorable teeth 
(2 tops and 2 bottoms)
This is when nursing turns into russian roulette.

You've had some good night of sleep,
going 5-8 hours at times.
For the most part your still up 3-4 times a night.
Mommy is tired.

You rock my little one, you rock.

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