Saturday, September 21, 2013


Last night we had a date night,
well a double date night with some good friends.
Kid free...well almost kid free...
A sweet little 6 week old decided to join us.

MomMom so graciously offered to watch our lovies.
They decided to have a date night of their own,
Chic-fila play-land and food!

I didn't get to put the boys to bed last night 
so I was anxious to see them this morning.

Nolen wakes up, in his usually way, yelling down the hallway... 
"Good morning Mommy, it's my wake up time!"
(waking Hudson up along the way...did I mention this occurs at 6:30?)

He climbs into bed with us for some morning snuggles.
No talking, just snuggling, then out of nowhere,
"You looked very beautiful for your date night Mommy, just like a Princess."

My heart be still.

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