Wednesday, August 29, 2012

From a 2 year old.

It's still a little surreal sending my little man off to school already. 
 I mean, dropping him off, and leaving him somewhere, without me, for an entire 2.5 hours!  
Don't get me wrong, those are some damn good 2.5 hours, but I still miss him like crazy.

The teachers don't say much as parents are picking up their kids.  
Just a quick, "good day," or "we need to work on calming down a little bit." 
(I don't know WHO heard that message :)

On the way to school (day 2 keep in mind) he said:
N: Mommy I tired of school
Sigh...only 20 more years little one...only 20 more years.

The only way I really hear what goes on is by letting Nolen tell me, randomly, thoughout the day.  
So heres what he did today...

N:  "I fall down with Joshua and cry like 'Whaaa, Whaaaa.' Teacher come and time out." 
 *I pair this together with the teachers message that him and Joshua have been wrestling at school.
M: Were you and Joshua playing rough and that's why you fell
N: Yes, tiiiimmme out!

N:  We be quiet at God's house.  
M: (knowing they were going to Chapel this week) Oh did you go to the big God's house?
N: Yes, I see drums

N:  I color on table, teacher say (shaking finger) 'No color on table.'

N: I sing 'AHHHHAAHHHHH' (in a LOUD yelling voice.) No singing in school.
M: Were you sining loud like that?
N: Yes, teacher say 'NO singing'

Sounds like an adventurous day in pre-pre-school!

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