Friday, August 3, 2012

Daily thoughts of a 2 year old Nolen

Nolen and I have many deep conversations, actually, we usually end up having the same conversations...

N:  Hudson wake up?
M: No Hudson't asleep, lets let him rest.
N:  AHHHHHHHH, look Hudson wake up!

N: I give Hudson kiss?
M:  Yes, you may give Hudson a kiss.
N: I give Hudson hug?
M: Yes you may give....I said HUG NOT HIT!

N: Hudson come out of Mommy belly?
M:  Yes, Hudson came out of Mommies belly.
N: Hudson be big?
M: One day, but for now Hudson is a little baby.
N:  I little baby, WaaaaWaaaa...

N:  Hudson hungry?  Hudson eat Mommies milk?
M:  Yes, Hudson is hungry and wants some of Mommies milk.
N: Nolen have some? (As he throws himself under my nursing cover)
M:  Tim, Tim, I need help...

 N:  Hudson do poopy?
M: Yes, Hudson pooped
N: Ahhh Hudson, you silly Hudson!

N:  I tickle Hudson, TICKLE TICKLE TICKLE.

Hudson might not be able to talk yet, but I have no doubt he's taking notes brother!

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  1. Hahahaha! I have similar conversations with Shelby about Natasha. Ah, two-year-olds.