Tuesday, June 5, 2012

The watermelon stage

It's always fun and games until someone grows to be the size of a watermelon...

How far along? 39 weeks.

How big is baby? About 7 pounds or so, if you ask me he feels like he weighs about 20 pounds.

Weight gain? 145- up 20 pounds

Maternity clothes? even those are getting too small...I yearn for hte day when I can wear all the goodies sitting in that Jcrew bag (yes, I have been shopping for non-maternity clothes, gives me something to look forward too!)

Stretchmarks? None, thank you Jesus.

Sleep? Can I even call it that anymore? It's more like 2-3 naps at night.

Movement? Definitely feeling less overall.  Just mainly at night while I'm trying to sleep.  Mentioned this to my doctor last week, who sent me to labor & delivery to be monitored (just in case.)  Little man looked great, but she was concerned about the EVERY 5 MINUTE contractions I was having.  She sent me home, mentioned that I'd probably be back that night, but to wait until they were painful and 4 minutes apart.  Here we sit, a week later.  Obviously they stopped.

Food cravings? I may have made my husband order me a snowball machine, and special snowball syrup that you can only find in Maryland.  I've been craving a good ol' fashion Egg Custard snowball complete with marshmallow topping.  I didn't realize until a few years ago that this is something you can only find in Baltimore, so of course that made me want it even MORE!

Name? Hudson Graham (so in love with this name.)

Labor signs? Doctors appointment today will tell us if I've made any progress, fingers crossed!.

Belly button in or out? OUT.

Rings on or off? On

What I miss: Being able to chase Nolen, and have him sit on my lap.

My demeanor? People at school started a dirty little rumor last week that I was in labor.  So about 50 times a day I get the "You're still here, I thought you were in labor..."  Yes people, clearly I have had a baby and am no longer with child.  Sigh. Dirty Glares to go around for everyone!

What I am looking forward to? Meeting Hudson, our false alarm has me ever so anxious to hold my baby boy!

Weekly Wisdom? If a women appears pregnant, then CLEARLY, she has not had her baby yet, so DON"T ASK.

Milestones: Baby's development is COMPLETE!  Come on out and meet your family!!!

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