Friday, June 22, 2012

Our world has been rocked!

I remember this feeling well, from 2 1/2 years ago when Nolen was born.  I remember feeling like my world had been completely rocked and I feared I'd never sleep or leave the house again.   Eventually everything calmed down and we settled right into life as a family of 3.

Well here I am again, feeling as though I will never sleep, or be able to leave the house ever again.  I know this too shall pass.  Fortunately, Hudson is an awesome baby who just goes with the flow.  Totally laid back and can sleep through anything, anything!

Nolen's been doing fairly well with his new position as "Big Brother."  He loves Hudson and is always asking about him.  "Is Hudson tired, is Hudson hungry, is Hudson coming swimming too?!?" "Does Hudson need a toy? Here catch Hudson."

 He loves on him at any chance he gets, giving him lots of big, head-butting kisses, and smothering hugs.  When Hudson is asleep in his swing he loves to give it a big push and shout "Hudson fly like airplane!" Oy, our world has definitely been rocked, (and we're loving every minute of it!)

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  1. Ohhhhhhhhhh! Hudson is rocking the Gators colors for me ;) HAHA JK. I hope you guys get into the swing of things soon. Sounds like you are well on your way.