Friday, January 13, 2012


Ducky is our pacifier. A Wub-a-nub to be exact. For all you non-mommies, it's simply a pacifier attached to a cute little animal, in our case a duck. Around 6-7 months Nolen started loving this thing. Needing it to fall asleep for naps and night. It's been a necessity ever since. So much so, when we went to Italy we purchased a back up ducky in case we lost one in our travels. As a result we now need 2 duckies. sigh
Well there comes a time when everything has to go. Bottles at 12 months, pacis at 2. We're getting uncomfortably close to the cut-off and I'm not liking it. That's a battle I'm just not ready for, really whats the harm. I think we'll just hold off a couple of more months. Don't' be alarmed if you run into 20 year-old Nolen still rocking a "duckie."


  1. Shelby also uses a Wubbanub and we're cutting the cord this weekend. I'm dreading it, yet hoping it'll go better than anticipated.

  2. Oh pediatrician has been on us since 12 months to get rid of the "guckie" but I told her she doesn't have to ride in the car with my hysterical screaming child!! We've managed to cut the use back to only when C is sleeping or in the car but I'm not ready to throw them away completely. Good luck!!