Monday, September 19, 2011

Go Nolen...I mean Noles!

Nolen is a Seminole by birth, the boy had no choice. I mean a boy named Nolen can't exactly grow up and decide to go to Florida now can he!?!

This past weekend we took Nolen to his 2nd ever football game. He did better then last year. For one, mommy could drink till her hearts content, no nursing this year! He also made it a lot longer into the game then he did last year. A whole 15 minutes into the 1st quarter longer (we take our small victories.) He can also do the warchant now. This has nothing to do with the hours and hours Mr.A spent teaching him. Maybe after football season we can teach him something more useful, like his ABC's.

Overall it was a really fun weekend. Football, JoJo & Papa, and a little escape back to the college days. We <3 football season (and our little Seminole!)

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