Thursday, February 10, 2011

Little man is a hoot, an absolutely, adorable, silly, hoot. Even on our worst day he can get a smile and a laugh out of everyone.

  • You have this new "fake" laugh. Whenever we start laughing you chime right in, "ahahahaha," just like you understand the joke.

  • When you toot you look at whoever is near, smile & laugh. You are a man.

  • You love to push the buttons on the TV boxes, your not allowed to push the buttons on the TV boxes. So when you get near, you reach for the button, turn around and look at us to say "NO." You totally know what you shouldn't be doing.

  • Your favorited toys are a kid size broom, mop, dust pan, and a hand helf vacume. You sit in the middle of the floor and clean for hours.

  • You're talking more and more. You say hi when you see us, you say bye when we leave for work and now you have a new word. When we're making coffee or when you spot a mug you yel "Coff, coff, coff." Your new word is coffee.

  • You eat like we haven't fed you in months everytime you eat. You can't get enough, and you can't get it in fast enough.

  • When we sing The Itsy Bitsy Spider you know how to move you hands (and when) for "down came the rain." Your a genius.

  • When your falling asleep for naps you sing, stand, sit, throw things, laugh, eat your crib, you just have a merry ol' time in there.

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