Monday, January 13, 2014


Here we are in January,
just now getting a Christmas Post.

A few thoughts on Christmas this year...

-These boys are SO loved.  Enjoyed being with family, just wish we all lived closer
-  Christmas is always more fun with little ones, can't replace the magic of Santa!
-Flying with an 18 month old is NUTS.
-I don't like the cold, like not at all.  Christmas in Florida anyone?
-We tried to Celebrate a few weeks early to avoid travel with all the toys, 
I think this took away a little of the Christmas morning excitement. 
Lesson learned. 

We are thinking that we'll keep Christmas close to home from now on.
Time to start making some Christmas memories in our home!

(Our 1st Xmas...a few weeks early)

(Little gifts for little friends)

(GrovePark Inn: Asheville, NC)

(Our attempts at Christmas Eve pictures)

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