Friday, June 10, 2011

Babies in hotels

Babies and hotel rooms are like oil and vinegar, they don't mix. You're left with a living situation that is un baby proofed, unfamiliar to your little one, and minus all your sweet, sweet luxuries of home ( where's my diaper genie?!?!) within 8 hours of being in a hotel with Nolen, I was utterly pooped.

He began our adventure the first morning rising at 5:30 am. Without any toys to turn too, he found the pots and pans cabinet. Loudly announcing to all our neighbors, above, below, beside...that he was awake.

Next was the elevator. Who's idea was it to put the emergency call button within easy reach of a toddler? 2 times he called "this is Osceola county police what is your emergency?" ugh... No emergency, just a baby.

Then there are the door handles that can not only open, but can also unlock with the turn of a handle (also within easy reach of a toddler.) Cleaning out his bottles one morning (literally for 30 seconds) I found myself calling for Nolen. No answer. Panic! I ran through each room, through the closets, on the porch, in the toliet (seriously), NO BABY!!! Open the hotel door to find him standing in the hallway laughing. (heart attack.)

We can't forget about the bed. At home we pride ourselves on having a baby that only sleeps in his crib. On vacations we tend to ease up a bit and let him sleep with us if he wakes up. So one night I out him in bed with me (Mr.A was on the couch because he had to work early.). Nolen and I were all the way against the side of the bed, so far over he could never fall off. Wrong. Middle of the night I wake to a thump, Nolen has fallen off the bed.

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