Monday, May 9, 2011

Being a mother means...

Being a mother means:

  • Always putting someone else first. Work, sleep, exercise, eatting...doesn't matter. You may or may not get one, or any of these things for that matter.

  • You happily shorten your get-ready time in the morning so you can get some extra snuggles and smiles.

  • Scooping up things that magically appear, floating in the bathtub.

  • Turning your tatas into a milk factory, open for business 24 hours a day.

  • Trading in your favorite radio station for "The Wheels on the Bus."

  • Running down the road like a crazy women, flailing your arms, because it's making a certain someone laugh.

  • Pointing out the color of everything your come in contact with in hopes of teaching colors. "The Starbuck cup is white, WHITE."

  • Trading in your 52" TV for a 3" baby monitor screen. Who knew watching a little one sleep could be so therupedic.

  • Going out to dinner and being thankful to see a roomful of other babies!

  • Buying all your clothes in size 12-18 month. (Little ones are SO fun to shop for, who needs clothes for themselves any more?)

  • Counting down the minutes, from the time you leave in the morning, untill you can get back home to that sweet little face.

  • Planning your meals & outting around naptime and bedtime. (8-10am, 1-3pm, & 7pm)

  • Learning what it truly means to love. Love, love, love!

    Being a Mommy truly is the best.thing.ever. Happy Mothers' Day!

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    1. Adorable you guys!!! I hope to come and see you guys soon :) xoxo